Claiming “squatters rights” to land

This note is heavily based on Land Registry Practice Guide 5 Introduction Where land is unregistered a squatter can acquire title by their adverse possession of it over a period of time.  There is a slightly different procedure and set of standards for registered land: in particular, mere adverse possession […]

Death by a thousand… charges

We have recently seen a bill from one of our “competitors” – a conveyancing practice that only deals online.  We have acquired a former client of theirs and have been asked to investigate, clarify and resolve problems with the apportionments of rent and service charge and arrears that should have […]

Joint ownership of property

In England & Wales, joint ownership of property is based on trust law, not land law – the joint owners are treated as being trustees of the property, which they hold on trust for themselves, in the same way as “real” trustees would hold property on trust for the beneficiaries […]