Tent1A & Tent1B Site Plans Extract

An extract from the Tenterden and Rural Sites DPD, showing Tent1A and Tent1B sites.

6.24 The site adjoins the southern edge of the built-up area of Tenterden town

centre. To the north lies the main commercial core of the town and the major

services and facilities, including the town’s leisure centre and main public

recreation ground, whilst to the south lies open countryside and the boundary

of the High Weald AONB.


6.25 The site represents a unique opportunity to create a small urban extension

to Tenterden that lies outside any designated landscape areas. It would lie

entirely within an easy walking distance of the heart of the town and has the

potential to be developed as a relatively sustainable extension and bolster

Tenterden’s successful and vibrant economy without damaging the essential

character that makes it such an attractive location to live and visit.


6.26 The site should be developed principally for housing but there is also a

recognised need for additional public car parking to serve the town centre

and the part of this site south of the leisure centre would be appropriate for

that purpose (indicative capacity of 150-200 spaces). In addition, small-scale

employment and local services may be appropriate and the need for and

scope and location of these should be established through a masterplanning


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