Tent 1A Project Overview

Tent1A – Three Fields and Church View, south of the High Street, Tenterden

“Tent1A” is the first phase of the southern extension to Tenterden, with the houses and flats being built on the field crossed by “Three Fields path”.  The second stage is “Tent1B”, referred to below.

The overall Tent1A development will comprise a total of 250 houses and flats, including social housing for rent and shared ownership properties – a total of 64 so-called “affordable homes” – 25% of the total number of units.

For those interested in the process leading to the development, should start on the town council website: https://www.tenterdentowncouncil.gov.uk/en/page/tent-1-development – here, it is enough to say that the approved plans were the result of a lengthy master-planning process involving extensive public consultation and a lot of expert input.

The site is being developed by two different companies: Taylor Wimpey are developing the southern and western part of the site, fronting onto Smallhythe Road, and comprising just over 50% of the units; they call this development “Three Fields”. The other developer, Dandara, is developing the rest of the site, with access via Recreation Ground Road.

Once both parts are built out, the development will be a coherent whole, accessible from Smallhythe Road or Recreation Ground Road, but with the estate roads designed to prevent the estate being used as a “rat run” for motorists trying to avoid Tenterden High Street. Whether that will succeed remains to be seen!

The development will include green spaces, in particular a linear green space following the route of the existing stream system, and the preservation of wooded areas in the north-western corner.

The intention behind the location and design of the development is that it should provide an acceptable extension to the town, close to the High Street – encouraging people to walk between the two – without swamping it; the hope is that it will – eventually – merge so well with the existing town that it will be a positive development, not the destructive one that many locals feared when the requirement for substantial extra housing was imposed on Tenterden by central government.

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